Candidates have only until August 16 to submit their application.  Ballots should be in the mail late August and received by homeowners in early September.

Get It – Vote It – Send It

Get It — Look for it in your postal delivery! 
This year’s ballot mailout will be in a white envelope marked with VOTE NOW and “See Inside for Details”.

Vote It — Mark the candidates of your choice (see my recommendations here), and be sure to sign the form.

Send It — Please put your ballot in the goldenrod postage-paid return envelope and mail ASAP!  Even if you think you’re planning to attend the meeting, it is helpful to send in your ballot just in case you can’t make it.  Let your ballot represent you!!

Come to the Annual Member Meeting Thursday September 27, 2018 at 7pm in the Mojave Room at the Avondale Civic Center.  See your ballot and meeting mailout for more information.