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If you’re interested in seeing the crime statistics for the Rio Crossing community, click here.  (If you’re from another community, this tool is easily configurable for anywhere in the US.)

To get the best overall view, I recommend doing the following:

  • Click the Date Range, and pick one of the convenient ranges, such as “1 week” or “3 months”.
  • Click the Event Type, scroll down, and click “Select All”.
  • Click on individual markers for more information, OR click the Data Grid tab for a look at all the details in one view.

If you pick the 3-month view, you can see that the Rio Crossing crime statistics for November aren’t good.  Several folks on our NextDoor online community have asked, “What is the board doing about this?”

Honestly, there’s not a lot they can do, and whatever they do costs money – your HOA dues money.

Mark your calendars tentatively for the January HOA Meeting: January 19, 2017 – always the third Thursday of every month.  The board is hoping to have the Avondale Block Watch representative to speak with us about what we can do as a community.  If you’re serious about doing something, come to this meeting and let’s work together to make Rio Crossing a safer place to live.

I’ll post an update once the date, time, and location of the Block Watch meeting is confirmed.

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