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How We Compare

Crime is everywhere – yes, even in Rio Crossing.  I’ve heard from some people that “crime is worse here than in <some other place>“.  But based on statistics from the LexisNexis Community Crime Map, it actually looks like we’re a little better than nearby communities.

To see this, follow these instructions:

  • Expand the map to include areas of Phoenix by “zooming out”.
  • In the “Search Address” area, make sure that the “Only display events within buffer” is unchecked.
  • In the “Date Range” area, Select about a year’s worth of time, like from one year ago, to today. (It won’t display for periods longer than a year.)
  • In the “Event” area, I like to include all types of crime. Scroll down to the bottom of the Event window and click the “Select All” button.
  • In the “Analytic Layers” area, check the box next to “Density Map”.  If the full map doesn’t display, click the “Calculate” link, which also needs to be clicked if you make any changes or zoom/scroll.

You should see a map similar to this.  The red circle with the white + sign in it is where Rio Crossing is located… and dark blue are areas of the map with the least crime reported.

Crime Density Map for Phoenix Metro, Jul 2016 through July 2017

Block Watch

One thing you can do to help your crime in your area of Rio Crossing is to establish or participate in the City of Avondale Block Watch program.  Read more about Block Watch here.

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