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Prior to joining the board, I encouraged the previous board to develop a more active social media presence in order to communicate with you — our neighbors — about various items of interest.  Unfortunately (and in spite of continued claims of being “open communicators”) no active, effective means of communication was established…

But then I joined the board, and developed the social media outreach that you now see.

The Mailing List

Using a popular Email communication tool called MailChimp, I began a series of Email deliveries that you can select individually:

  • Monthly Overview — Sent out around the first of each month, includes everything we know about at that time, including the Bulk Pickup week, any Holiday Pickup schedules, scheduled Board Meeting information, any Social Events taking place, and any special news we think you’d like to know.  I recommend all residents select this options.
  • Weekly Updates — Sent out typically on Friday or Saturday morning, with updates and reminders for the current weekend, the following week, and the next weekend.  Some information for later in the month is also summarized at the bottom.
  • Bulk/Holiday Pickup Schedules — Whenever there’s a Holiday Schedule, we’ll send out a notice on Sunday reminding you to not set out your trash until Monday evening (for Tuesday pickup), and another reminder on Wednesday evening reminding you to not set your recycles out until Thursday evening (for Friday pickup).  If you subscribe to this option but decide not to subscribe to the Weekly Updates, we’ll generally send you the Bulk Trash reminder in a special edition of the weekly mail-out.
  • Meeting Agendas & Summaries — Approved at the May 2018 Special Meeting, the Secretary (me, at the moment) is authorized to send out the published meeting agenda prior to a Board Meeting (normally sent within a day of the agenda’s release), and in addition, a summary of the meeting is sent out after the meeting, typically within a 5-7 days.

How To Sign Up

Visit this page on the MailChimp site to sign up for your choice of the options listed above.