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February 2018
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This Month’s Events

Bulk Trash Pickup – February 12-16.  Please don’t put your bulk trash out during the week of February 5-10… wait at least until Sunday 2/11.

Holiday Recycle Pickup: Trash and Recycle pickups delayed by one day during the week of President’s Day… Trash TUESDAY 2/20 and Recycle FRIDAY 2/23.  On the remaining weeks, it’s the normal Trash Monday and Recycle Thursday.

Board Meeting: February 22.

Special Event: Town Hall. Saturday, February 24, 10am at Roma Park.  Let’s talk about on-street PARKING in Rio Crossing.

General Event Information

Board Meetings

Regular Meetings of the Board of Directors are now generally held on the fourth Thursday of each month.  Meetings may be rescheduled or canceled at the Board’s discretion, with notice to the members.  If the Board requires a closed session (also called an Executive Session), it is generally scheduled for 8:30pm.  (See ARS 33-1804 for the 5 types of information the board is permitted to discuss in closed sessions; everything else must be discussed in open session!)

Special Meetings may be scheduled no later than 48 hours in advance, and are generally posted on the bulletin board at the northwest corner of Roma and 123rd.  Other meetings may be rescheduled or canceled at the Board’s discretion, with notice to the members.

Most board meetings are held at the Barbara Robey Elementary School in Wigwam Creek North, at 5340 Wigwam Creek Blvd, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340.  (Go north on El Mirage, turn left onto Camelback, turn right at the light at Wigwam Creek Blvd.  Follow Wigwam Creek Blvd going through the round-about, and the school is on your left (after the road bends a little left then right).  Park in the parking lot (covered spaces) on the south side, go through any open door into the courtyard; find the “media center” that looks like a library.

Design Review Committee

The Design Review Committee reviews Architectural Requests from homeowners who wish to make changes to the exterior of their home.  Homeowners should consult the latest version of the Architectural Rules to determine if an Architectural Request should be submitted, but in most cases it is well advised.

The Design Review Committee is scheduled to meet at 6:30pm just prior to each Board Meeting.  The Design Review Committee normally doesn’t meet if there are no Architectural Review submittals to be acted on.

Community Garage/Yard Sale Events

We try to schedule community-wide yard sale events twice a year, usually targeting a Saturday from 7am to noon.  Rather than ask residents to bring their items to a common location, everyone conducts their own “piece of the action” on their own lot. The association will try to publicize the event to get maximum exposure.

Residents are also welcome to have their own yard sales throughout the year.  There is an Avondale Municipal Code that restricts yard sales to 4 per year, per home.

Community Social/Meet-and-Greet Events

We try to schedule social events a couple of times throughout the year.

Trash, Recycling, and Bulk Pickup

See the separate page for this info here.  Bulk trash and green waste pickup is always the week of the second Monday; note that this is not the same as the second week of the month.  Please be mindful of the schedule when the week doesn’t start on Monday!