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A free subscription mailing list is available to all residents and owners.  We use MailChimp to manage our list membership, and their sign-up process follows “best practices” by sending you a confirmation Email before putting you on the list.

Rio Crossing Weekly Newsletter

This newsletter-format Email will come to you – you guessed it – once a week!  The goal is to come out on Friday or Saturday, with information for the upcoming week or two, including:

  • Modified holiday garbage or recycling schedules
  • Bulk trash schedule reminders
  • Upcoming community events, like community garage sales, social events, etc.
  • Scheduled HOA meetings, including Board and Committee meetings we’re aware of
  • Brief crime updates for our community and surrounding areas
  • Block Watch information

If you have an item of interest, send details in an Email during the week to Newsletter@RioCrossing.info.  We won’t include “for sale” items… there’s plenty of that over on NextDoor.com.

Specialty Lists

Your best bet is the Weekly Newsletter… so you’ll get everything.  But if you just want a couple of these reminders, we’ve added them here.

To subscribe to any of these “specialty lists,” go here.

When you sign up, there are options that allow you to select which notifications you get.  Here’s what’s currently available.  These notices come out less frequently than the Weekly Newsletter above – and are more targeted to specific items.

HOA Board Meetings

You’ll get an Email announcement about upcoming board meetings, including (when we have the information) location, date, time, and agenda.  In addition, once the meeting has concluded, we’ll attempt to send you information about what was discussed and decided at the meeting.

Note that this is NOT official Rio Crossing Homeowner Association or Board of Directors communication, and these are not official meeting minutes.  But you will likely get more information here than you would from the very sparse meeting minutes normally published on the Rio Crossing HOA web site.

Trash: Bulk Reminders, Holiday Changes

We’ll send you an Email reminder a few days before each Bulk Pickup.

We’ll also send you an Email reminder when the trash and recycle days are changed due to a Holiday Schedule.

The city of Avondale publishes a schedule by neighborhood here.  But who has time to check this?  We’ll remind you.

Crime Alerts

It’s good to be aware of “when bad things happen” in your neighborhood.  When we are aware of such events, we’ll send out a small notice, so you’ll be “in the know.”  Note: we’ll only send information about things that happen directly in the Rio Crossing neighborhood, unless there is some sort of major or recurring problem very nearby.