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Board and Member Meetings

Meeting Dates

Board meetings are now held the fourth Thursday of every month, except in September, when the Annual Member Meeting is held, with elections.

Meeting Location

Board meetings are normally held at the Barbara Robey Elementary School (about a mile, allow 5 minutes; directions from Rio Crossing Campbell entrance).

Meeting Time

Board and Member meetings are normally held at 7pm.  The board conducts their business with limited association member participation (per ARS 33-1804, they have to ask for member input prior to voting).  A time is usually reserved at the end for general homeowner input.  (Note: at the July meeting, the board began asking members to fill out a form stating what topic they wanted to speak on.)  The board tries to adjourn the open meeting by 8:30pm, so they can have a closed session at that time.  All non-board members are required to vacate the meeting, unless invited to participate in discussion of violations, etc.

Design Review Committee

Generally (but not always) the Design Review Committee meets before the board or member meeting at 6:30pm to review and respond to Architectural Requests submitted by homeowners.