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This web site — and any associated email, newsletter, or other social media content — is provided as a community service by one of the community members, and is not an official web site of the Rio Crossing Homeowners Association or its Board of Directors.

Nothing contained here should be construed to have any “official purpose” other than to inform neighbors in the Rio Crossing community.

Everything stated on this site is my opinion or based on my recollection of events as they occurred, possibly augmented by review of audio or video, some of which may be made in association meetings as allowed in  paragraph A of ARS 33-1804.

To the best of my knowledge, statements made on this site are true,  but you should independently verify any statements made on this site with official sources, especially as they relate to official HOA business.

If you see errors, omissions, conflicting or confusing information, or would like to make a contribution, feel free to send an Email to Webmaster at RioCrossing.info.  Submissions will be used or acted upon at my discretion.