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I know a bit about the Rio Crossing Board of Directors election in 2016.  I was there, and in fact, I was one of two association members who did the tallying of the votes.

I was new to Rio Crossing, having bought my home in May of 2016, and after some interior renovations, I moved in during late August 2016.  I had all the meeting notices and ballots, and even a visit one weekend from one of the candidates, Sarah.

The meeting was Thursday, September 15, at the Cabela’s (9380 W Glendale just east of L-101).  At the meeting, I basically knew nobody, with the exception that I recognized Sarah from her brief visit a few weekends before. I signed in at the table at the entry, and took a seat.

At the beginning of the meeting, a man (I later understood this to be Jim Baska, owner of Trestle Management) asked for 3 volunteers to conduct the election process. I volunteered (of course!), and one other lady named Ida immediately volunteered.  The man indicated this could be done with two people, and Ida and I were escorted out of the large room, where someone started presenting a PowerPoint presentation that I think went the whole length of time Ida and I were counting ballots… at least some presentation was going when we got back!

Ida and I were given some brief instructions by the man, and Ida and I began the process of tallying the ballots.  There were only 4 people’s names pre-printed on the ballots: Lori, Julia, Sarah, and Matt.  I didn’t know any of these people, but had voted for all 4 of them.  I remember thinking as I was counting the ballots, that I did what most people seemed to have done: just voted for everyone on the ballot.

Two write-in names appeared on the ballots.  Carissa, who had been a board member during the previous term, had received a number of write-ins.  One other person, Alyse, received one write-in vote.

(incomplete… more soon!)