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Everyone has an opinion… and these are my opinions and recommendation on Rio Crossing HOA board of director candidates:

Vote FOR The Following

  • Ray Harwood – that’s me.  I’ve been on the board a year.
  • Andres Montoya. He has also been on the board a year.
  • Stephanie Hernandez.  She was this past year’s Treasurer, and filled in for Lori McDonald after her resignation.  Her family was one of the first to move into Rio Crossing way back in 2004.
  • Ryan Van Patten.  Ryan will be new to the board, but has lived in Rio Crossing since 2012.  He has been a frequent attendee to board meetings, and has expressed interest in being a board member several times.
  • Julia Anderson.  Julia has been a long-time board member, and this year has worked closely with Andres and I in getting things done, like maintenance items, revisions to collection and violation policies, and watching more closely over association finances.  Julia still has a lot to contribute to the community.

Vote AGAINST The Following

At this time I’m not sure who has submitted a Candidate Application, so I can’t say I’d recommend anyone not on the above list.  But in my opinion, the following should definitely not be voted for:

  • Matt Kretschmer.  Matt totally disrupted the April meeting, shouting obscenities, making false claims of board member favoritism, maligning the cohabitation relationship of a community resident, and making it impossible for the board to conduct any business.  Listen to the audio here. (Warning: Not suitable for work or youngsters.)  Read more here.