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Everyone has an opinion… and these are my opinions and recommendations on Rio Crossing HOA board of director candidates:

Vote FOR The Following

  • Ray Harwood – that’s me.  I’ve been on the board a year, and there’s a lot that I’ve done for the Association.  Look here for my accomplishments, both before and after joining the board.
  • Andres Montoya. He has also been on the board a year.  Andres made a statement last year while running that still represents who he is and why I think he’s an excellent board candidate.  He was chair of the Social Committee, and while some people doubted that a couple of food trucks would be well received, they were a big hit for many residents!
  • Stephanie Hernandez.  She was this past year’s Treasurer, and filled in for Lori McDonald after her resignation.  Her family was one of the first to move into Rio Crossing way back in 2004.  She is a CPA, so she is imminently qualified to be the Treasurer, and with her long standing in the community and her professional demeanor, she is an excellent candidate for the new board year.
  • Ryan Van Patten.  Ryan will be new to the board, but has lived in Rio Crossing since 2012.  He has been a frequent attendee to board meetings, and has expressed interest in being a board member several times.  Like others who have joined the board in the last couple of years, he is motivated by a desire to make changes in how the association operates, with a focus on customer service and treating everyone with respect.
  • Julia Anderson.  Julia has been a long-time board member, and this year has worked closely with Andres and I in getting things done, like maintenance items, revisions to collection and violation policies, and watching more closely over association finances.  Julia still has a lot to contribute to the community.

Vote AGAINST The Following

If you want my opinion (you wouldn’t be here unless you wanted it, right?), I would recommend against voting for the following.

  • Matt Kretschmer.  Matt totally disrupted the April meeting, shouting obscenities, making false claims of board member favoritism, maligning the cohabitation relationship of a community resident, and making it impossible for the board to conduct any business.  Listen to the audio here. (Warning: Not suitable for work or youngsters.)  Read more here.
  • Derlis Samaniego.  Derlis volunteered to be on the board to fill in for the three directors who resigned in 2017 (Alyse, Sarah, and Carissa), and came to the April 2017 meeting to be interview by the then-existing board (Matt, Julia, and Ida present, Lori was absent), where he was appointed for the remainder of the board term.  In addition, he was appointed Treasurer.  (Note: The board chose not to appoint a replacement Secretary for the remainder of the term.)  Derlis seemed like a reasonable guy to me, and so I don’t really have anything against him, other than the fact that he and Matt appear to be buddies.  It’s possible that it’s a misconception on my part, but based on Matt’s arrogant behavior, I’m just not in favor of anyone who sides with him in general.
  • Write-in Candidates:  Matt’s statement in the ballot mail-out mentioned voting for Sarah and Carissa.  Both of these two ladies are good people, and both of them were elected in the 2016 election.  But both of the resigned mid-year due to personal reasons, and I wouldn’t recommend voting for them (or any other write-in candidate, for that matter) unless you’ve spoken to them personally and gotten assurances that they really do have the time to devote to being a Director for the upcoming year.