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At Thursday’s meeting, the board approved the proposal from SolarKing for 2 playground lights and 8 Sentinel lighting systems. The Sentinel lights will be placed along the walkway from Highland (mid-way between 123rd and 124th) to the ramada at the large green belt:

The Sentinel lights are composed of the following: a solar module, a system controller, a 103 amp-hour battery, and two “72-LED light bricks” mounted on a 16 foot tall 4-inch square steel-tubing pole, powder-coated in dark bronze. The “light bricks” can be swiveled and rotated to “get the light where it’s needed most and away from where it’s not wanted.”  That will make sure the lights are not shining in homes and yards along the walkway area.

See this link for more info and pictures about SolarKing’s Sentinel lighting product.

The two “playground lighting systems” are similar to the ones being installed along the walkway, but instead of mounting on steel poles, they’ll be attached to the shade-structure pole.

There was no line item in the 2017 budget for this project, but the cost at $30,880 (for all 10 lights) was designated to come from the “surplus operating account”.

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