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It’s been a few months since I published a “Meeting Notes” post, but the May board meeting seemed to scream for one.

I’ve created a 9-page PDF document with much of the conversation around most of the agenda topics, and some historical notes and opinions from me.  It’s interesting reading if you really want to know what’s going on in the Association’s Board Meetings but can’t attend.

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Here’s a brief run-down of the more important points in the meeting:

  • A new board member was elected.  Last month the number of board members was dropped from 7 to 5, as there have been 3 resignations in recent months.
  • Since the offices of president, secretary, and treasurer were vacated by the resignations, Matt was elected President, Lori was elected Vice President, and new board member Derlis was elected Treasurer.
  • The proposal to do maintenance on the drywells (down-spouts to drain the green belts) by Torrent was approved.  Funds will come out of the Reserve Funds.
  • One portion of the Tot Lot maintenance proposal was approved, the “barrier cap repair”, as long as that is deemed a safety issue.
  • There was a long discussion about signs and banners owned by the Association, especially relating to the Rio Crossing web site URL on them, but no decisions were reached.
  • Homeowner concerns about parking problems in the community were discussed. Most of the board’s recommendations centered around “call Avondale police”.  Matt wants to consider hiring a company to make rounds and document parking offenders to the management company, but nothing was decided on that topic.
  • Late in the meeting the board approved a set of letters to be used relating to house painting.  More details should be forthcoming in the Fall Newsletter; a year after that, the management company will do an audit; when warning letters go out, homeowners will have a year for remediation (as opposed to the usual 14 days in most violation notices).
  • In the last 5 minutes, one homeowner brought up issues with weed warning and violation letters, especially the lack of pictures and appropriate documentation to support the notice.


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