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We’ve had two Sundays in a row with high winds and tree damage in Rio Crossing and nearby neighborhoods, with many downed and damaged trees on common area property and individual homeowner’s lots.  I asked City of Avondale Public Works Assistant Director Sean if it was possible to get a special bulk pickup of storm debris.

Fortunately, earlier this morning I had the opportunity to chat with Pete, the Sanitation Inspector for the city, and he had already talked with Sean to come up with a plan to accommodate my request.  This week – July 24-28 – is a “Zone 4 Bulk Pickup” week, and next week is a “bye” week, with no scheduled bulk pickups in the city.  (Week 1 starts the first Monday in August, which is the 7th day of the month.)

Bottom line: One-time special storm debris green waste only bulk pickup either late this week or early next week.  Please read details!

Sean told me that once the crews were done with the Zone 4 pickup this week – or next Monday at the latest – he would have them head over to Rio Crossing (and other nearby Avondale neighborhoods that might have also been affected) and do a special storm debris green waste only pickup.

Pete gave me two flyers with helpful information (click the thumbnails below to see them), and Sean asked that I emphasize the following points:

  • Crews will only be picking up green waste, which includes brush, tree limbs, and yard trimmings.  Do not put out any trash, furniture, fixtures, or anything else that isn’t considered green waste.
  • Stumps and trunks greater than 6 inches in diameter will not be collected.
  • Place all items in up to two 4′ wide piles for easy pick up, with no pile higher than 3′ or more than 3′ in depth.
  • Do not include any cactus or palm fronds.

If you need any addition information, please call the Avondale Public Works Department’s Sanitation Division, or contact me directly.

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