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Below is an edited transcript of the meeting held Thursday September 28, 2017.  Side conversations, inaudible references, and unrelated comments are removed.  Some comments and discussion was retained and is shown in grey text.

Contact me if you want a full transcript when I’m done.  Or see this article on HOA Perspectives for a more opinion-oriented piece.

The cast:

  • Matt, member of the Board of Directors and President of the Association.
  • Melanie, our management representative from AAM.
  • Lori, member of the Board of Directors and Vice President of the Association.
  • Ida, member of the Board of Directors.
  • Ray, a homeowner, on the ballot.

Julia and Derlis, two of the five board members, were not present at this meeting.

Matt: So, welcome to the annual meeting. I’m going to go ahead and call the order, the meeting to order at 7:07.  The first thing on the agenda item is we’re going to validate quorum.

Melanie: Okay, so, we almost made it but not quite. With everybody who came in, I hadn’t received any of their ballots, so adding on their ballots you have 33, and you needed 35.

Matt: So since quorum has not been met at this time the official part of the meeting is now going to be closed and end at 7:08.

Ray: So before we actually do that…

Matt [interrupting]: There is no official business so we don’t need a quorum.

Ray [interrupting]: I understand that, but because you don’t meet quorum means you can’t conduct new business and old business. But you can adjourn, you can pick another date and time to adjourn to, try and get the appropriate number of people to come at a different time. So maybe if we put the word out “Hey, let’s meet at the ramada on Saturday at 10,” maybe we’ll have enough people and we can re-establish the meeting at that time.  And if we don’t…

Lori: No, sorry…

Matt: We’ve never done that.

Ray [interrupting]: I don’t care whether you’ve never done that before, but that’s the appropriate thing to do, with any parliamentary procedure, I don’t care if it’s Robert’s Rules or whatever, that’s actually the way it’s supposed to be done. Just because you don’t have a quorum you don’t just go, “up, sorry, it’s done… we don’t have to do anything else.”

Melanie: HOA attorneys years ago said that we do not have to set another meeting time if you don’t make quorum, since there are two notices that are sent out to the homeowners, that their opinion is that’s adequate notice, so you don’t have to set another meeting time.

Matt: Alright. So.

Melanie: I will say, Item 6, Answers to Questions and the Questionnaire, I didn’t receive any. I didn’t receive any questionnaires from any homeowners, so, if I would have, I would have had that included that in your packet, what the questions were and the responses.

Matt: Alright, so, unfortunately at this time we’ll just give like a basic community update of what’s going on and where we’re at. We have our annual block party, or our October block party coming up October 28 at the ramada park. It’s 10:30 – set to start at 10:30 – goes to whenever.  I know on the flyer said it one o’clock, but we can always stay. We’ve got a bunch of activities for the families and kids and stuff to do, different slides, jumpers, and everything.  As well as the Architectural…

Melanie: Your community yard sale…

Ida: Is a couple of weeks before that…

Lori: October 14…

Matt: So we have the community yard sale on October 14 as well that we’ll be holding.  Does anybody in the community have any questions?

Lori: I just have a question. Since, I mean, there’s no quorum for the election, but are you still going to go over the 2016 minutes? Or, you know…

Melanie: Those don’t have to be approved, they’re just in there for everybody’s review.

Lori: We’re not going to vote, here just here for [hand rapping on table]… Okay, thank you.

Homeowner 1: What happens as far as the election goes then?

Matt: It’s postponed until next year, next annual meeting… then the election will happen again next annual meeting.

Homeowner 1: So what happens with the positions in between then?  Do they just stay as they are?

Matt:  So the current board will meet again next, probably before the next meeting if they choose to, or at the next meeting and decide board positions at that time.

Ray [interrupting]: Officers. You mean officers, correct?

Matt: Officers, yes.

Melanie: Their terms will roll over for another year… and at October’s board meeting they’ll decide who will serve what officer position.

Ray: So it’s the boards and AAM’s position that because you don’t have a quorum, there is no additional effort required to establish an election before the next year?

Melanie: That’s Carpenter & Hazelwood, Ekmark and Ekmark, PB&J [refers to Phil Brown & Jonathan Olcott]… that’s the attorney’s opinion.

Ray: All right.  [I gave up at this point.]

Matt: Any other questions from any community members? Any ideas or concerns that you want to see, since you guys made the effort to come out here?

Homeowner 2: Where’s the rest of the old board?

Ida: Where’s the rest of the what?

Homeowner 2: The board?

Matt: You’ve got three of them in here now.

Homeowner 2: Shouldn’t there be five right now?

Lori: This is an annual meeting – it’s not a board meeting – so they’re not…

Matt: Right. It’s an actual homeowner’s meeting.

Lori: So the board members are not required to be at the annual meeting.

Melanie [aside to Matt]: So you installed the solar lights this year…

Matt: So over the – yeah, a couple of highlights over the last year – as you know, we got the grass… we over-seeded, we got the grass green, it’s not perfect yet, we’re still working on it. We installed solar lights along the parkway, along the playgrounds to help provide better safety and extend activities outside for homeowners and kids.  We also replaced some roofs that were damaged over the ramadas. Over the last hailstorm we did end up losing a lot of trees, so that’s other things – that, different ideas and stuff that we will come to our homeowners and see what kind of ideas that you guys want to see will be coming up.  We also have a survey for the homeowners to be filled out that will get mailed, and right now they’re going to email – or E-Blast it to your email – as well as post it on our web site.  It’s gonna give – it’s a few questions that will, we want your opinion, we want to see what you guys think, what you want to see around the community. So please fill it out and get it to us so that way, we can hear you guys.  The only time we really hear you guys is when you come to the meetings, and we see what you guys want.  I think that communication is key, I think that we all need to communicate with each other, we need to be friendly with each other.  We are a close community; you know we’re not a huge community, we’re a smaller community, and I think that we can actually be, you know, more of a community-style living here if we really work at it.  But if nobody has any questions, comments, or anything, then…  Yes? Don’t be shy.

[end of transcription so far – more later perhaps]

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