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Now that the Rio Crossing information site is up and running, I thought I’d create a monthly posting with “things that happened last month” along with “things to know about the coming month.”  Here’s the first installment!  I like to start with the “look forward”…

December Outlook

Holiday decorations are popping up everywhere, and the incessant heat has finally given way to some downright chilly mornings.  Rio Crossing is a festive place!

Trash Talk: Bulk and Holiday Schedule!

First off, the monthly bulk trash is Monday through Friday December 12 to 16.  Please – especially around this holiday time – don’t put out your bulk trash before Sunday December 11, and also sweep up any remaining debris once the Avondale city crew has hauled off the big items.

As for Holiday Schedules, even through Christmas is on a Sunday, the Avondale city employees will have Monday December 26 off, so all trash pickups the week after Christmas will be delayed one day:

Garbage Day: Tuesday December 27

Recycle Day: Friday December 30

If you’d like a special Email reminder each month about bulk and holiday trash schedules, see the mailing list I’ve set up.  Take a peek at what this month’s Email looks like.

HOA Meeting

According to the Announcement posting (scroll to the 10/15/2016 posting) on the official HOA web site, there is a board meeting this month:

Thursday, December 15th
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Barbara B. Robey Elementary (Media Room)
5340 N Wigwam Creek Blvd
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

As usual, no agenda is posted for this meeting, but I’ll plan to attend and post a summary of the proceedings here.

New Signs Coming: Speed Limit and No Outlet

Over on NextDoor.com, several people had posted requests for “more speed limit signs”, and one person pointed out the lack of No Outlet signs on all the Rio Crossing cul de sacs.

Note that there are actually NO speed limit signs in Rio Crossing at this time!

I spoke recently with the Avondale City Traffic Engineer, and he indicated he would create a work order to get Speed Limit and No Outlet signs up “soon”, which he indicated probably means in the next week or two.

On the topic of speeding, I mentioned to him that some longer-time residents (I’ve been here less than a year) indicated that a traffic study was previously done.  He will be researching that (he’s only been in Avondale 9 months himself) and see if the data still seems valid, or if another study should be done.

On the plus side, I’m very pleased with the response of everyone at the city of Avondale to my requests.

Block Watch Idea Picking Up Steam

Based on the increase in crime in our neighborhood (and also down Indian School at Garden Lakes), a number of people have expressed some interest in (re-)establishing a Block Watch program (used to be called Neighborhood Watch – but now has a most localized

HOA Management Change

The new company, AAM, LLC (short for their trademarked name, Associated Asset Management) will be taking over January 1, 2017.  I’ve been told that the management company will be handling the communication about changes directly to homeowners.

The HOA board went out for bids for a new management company in October and received a number of responses.  After initial review, the field was reduced to three: AAM, 360, and PDS.  Interviews were conducted (see November Board Meetings below) and AAM was selected.

HOA Social Events

There was mention of a potential “hot cocoa & cookies” HOA social by the Board in December, but due to a variety of factors, they decided to postpone it into early 2017.

November Recap

Rio Crossing Crime Update

2016-11-rc-crimemapAs I’ve mentioned in a couple of venues, there’s a great site that shows crime information and also Emails crime “event” information that I subscribe to.  This site definitely shows an increase in November, confirmed by multiple postings from victims and neighbors on NextDoor.com.

See the note above about Block Watch.

Please lock your doors (house doors, garage doors, and outside cars), and report any suspicious activity to the Avondale Police.

November Board Meetings

See the previous post of  my board meeting summary for the meeting held November 17.  This was a regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Board of Directors.

A special meeting was held on November 22 to select a new HOA management company.  I posted a brief summary, if you’re interested.

Landscaping Changes

20161025_171847348_iosIn October the entrance monuments got a new planting of colorful flowers, and in November the entrance medians received trees and flowers as well.

And the grass is green again!

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