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Here are my notes from the June 22 board meeting.  It’s a PDF file with lots of details about the meeting, and remember: it’s unofficial.  If you only want the sparse details of the official meeting minutes, you’ll have to wait until they’re posted on the HOA’s official web site some time after the July meeting.

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It was an interesting meeting.  The business part of the meeting was over by 7:45pm, which left plenty of time for homeowner discussion… and there was a lot of that!

Homeowner discussion topics included:

  • The first item was a discussion from a homeowner regarding the handling of a violation notice she received.  As is her right (see section A item 5 of ARS 33-1804), she had requested that board discussion of her appeal be done in open session, but the board made it clear that they would only discuss it in closed session.
  • There were several homeowner complaints about parking and speeding problems in the neighborhood, and straightforward discussion from the board about what they are – and aren’t – planning to do. [See this post for details and straight talk on the rules that affect parking in Rio Crossing.]
  • One homeowner asked about how to have a place to put trash and recycling bins, without storing them in the garage or having them in the back yard near the patio. The board pointed out several ways to accommodate this, and that the first step would be to submit an Architectural Review request with the details of what they’d like to do.
  • The board asked for homeowner input on possible sports play areas in the neighborhood, and homeowners responded with wishes for basketball and soccer.

Numerous other small items were discussed… read the downloadable PDF for more details.

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